59 recipes for healthy weight loss (without suffering)

Summer and holidays are already coming and that despair hits: and now, what to do? In the winter, when temperatures are lower, many people cannot resist temptations and end up overdoing their diet, which results in a few extra pounds and fluid retention.

Starting a diet and signing up at the gym are easy tasks, it is difficult to stay focused and achieve the desired goal of being fit during the summer. For this reason, here are 58 recipes for healthy weight loss that go far beyond the traditional chicken with salad.

Check out an incredible selection of functional juices, teas, salads, meals, snacks and desserts to delight and reduce measures following a healthy diet!

Recipes for detox and functional juices


1. Chlorophyll juice : this is a delicious green juice option. In this recipe, the ingredients are just water, cabbage and orange. The orange leaves the taste of the juice even more delicious and rich in Vitamin C, in addition to helping with the functioning of the intestine.

2. Kombucha : with only 5 ingredients, it is possible to make Kombucha, the famous probiotic drink that, in addition to helping with weight loss, stimulates metabolism and improves the digestive and immune systems.

3. Green juice : Green juice is already known to those who enjoy a healthy diet and routine. This version takes kiwi, apple, cucumber, spinach and parsley. Just add a glass of water and you’re done!

4. Anti-cellulite juice : the great villain in most women’s lives can be reduced dramatically depending on their diet. In this juice, the chosen ingredients are rich in fibers and nutrients that act in the circulation and in the inflammation, therefore they help in the fight against cellulite.

5. Kiwi juice with pear : besides being refreshing, this recipe is rich in vitamin C, E, B6, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphate. The juice is also rich in fiber, essential for weight loss diets, as it helps in the functioning of the intestine.

6. Detox juice : this version of green juice contains ginger, lemon, apple, cabbage, honey and coconut water. Just hit the blender, strain and it’s ready to be consumed on summer days! The ideal is to have it for breakfast.

7. Summer juices : Here are some summer juice options. Digestive juice with fennel, lemongrass and pineapple, detoxifying juice with apple, celery and mint and immune system protective juice with orange, acerola and ginger – a vitamin C bomb!

8. Red juice : rich in vitamin C, orange and beet guarantee the antioxidant effect. Other ingredients, such as flaxseed and ginger, add a special touch to the recipe. Try it!

9. Post party juices : are you ready for the end of the year parties? Travel, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… the extrapolated is almost guaranteed. To combat hangover and malaise, check out these four delicious juice recipes.

10. Green juice with molasses : this version of green juice has a special touch, sugarcane molasses. For those who find the juice recipes too bitter, the ingredient sweetens in a healthy way. Enjoy!

Slimming tea recipes


11. Mint, ginger and lemon tea: this tea is ideal for the hottest summer days. The secret is to mix the ingredients and let them cool at room temperature before taking the refrigerator.

12. Teas for weight loss : check the selection of great functional teas that help in reducing swelling, in addition to being detoxifying, diuretic, digestive, metabolism accelerators, anti-cellulite, reducing measures and soothing.

13. Matcha : rich in antioxidants, Matcha is a powerful ally in the diet. It speeds up calorie expenditure by 25% and helps maintain healthy skin.

14. Tea for muscle recovery : this recipe is great for those who go to the gym at night and need a little help at bedtime and relax the muscles. With rosemary, star anise, dill, melissa or chamomile, the formula helps in sleep and muscle recovery.

15. Hibiscus mulled wine : Hibiscus tea is an important ally in food diets. The plant has diuretic, digestive and laxative properties. In this recipe, the tea is made with ginger, orange, apple and cinnamon.

16. PMS Reducer : This tea serves to reduce the symptoms of a major enemy of most women, PMS. The recipe uses ingredients such as mackerel, sesame, pineapple and kiwi. Try it!

17. Green tea with lemon and ginger : a classic! Ginger helps to speed up metabolism, green tea is a strong diuretic and lemon has a detoxifying effect, dissolving toxins and fats.

Tasty salad recipes


18. Salad with apricot, chia and sesame : mixing the mix of green leaves with apricot, heart of palm, chia and sesame, makes the salad incredibly tasty and chic. Ideal for serving before dinner!

19. Tuna salad : rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, tuna helps to improve metabolism and strengthen the cells of the body. It is the ideal ingredient to boost your salad!

20. Tuna salad with avocado : add avocado and lemon to the tuna recipe and you will have a tasty and rich salad with omega-3 and omega-9. Who said you need to suffer to eat well?

21. Lowcarb salads : check out this selection of lowcarb salads, with varied ingredients for your daily life. The recipes are delicious and worth a complete meal! Try exchanging dinner for a salad, but don’t go hungry just because you’re on a diet, huh?

22. Salad in the pot : choose your favorite dressing option and make a delicious salad in the pot! So you have no excuse to leave the diet, just take the pot to work when you have a busy day and no time to cook.

23. Leaf salad with ginger : in addition to the mix of green leaves, the special touch of this salad is due to ginger and balsamic vinegar. Use your creativity by adding other ingredients and you will have a meal with a light, tasty and healthy salad.

24. Quinoa tabbouleh: instead of wheat, this tabbouleh recipe is made with quinoa, which makes it even healthier. In addition to being tasty, quinoa is rich in protein and helps with weight loss.

25. Chickpea, olives and herbs salad: ideal for hot summer days, this chickpea salad is nutritious and delicious. It can also be a great entry option for lunch. Try it!

Recipes of nutritious dishes


26. Chicken breaded with oatmeal : who said that nothing can be breaded in the diet? This version of oat breaded chicken is a great option for those who want to continue with their healthy eating routine, but want to add to the usual grilled chicken.

27. Salmon tartare : Anyone who wants to have a healthy restaurant meal at home, needs to try this delicious salmon tartare recipe. The ideal is to add a salad and a little carbohydrate so that it serves as a complete meal. Enjoy!

28. Pumpkin ground beef : This pumpkin ground beef recipe has the ideal amount of protein and carbohydrates needed in a low calorie meal. One more reason not to leave the diet!

29. Shrimp with wholegrain pasta : you can make a light, low-calorie recipe with pasta, yes! Check out this option of pasta with wholemeal pasta and shrimp and run to prepare your next meal.

30. Healthy lunch ideas : See this selection of healthy, low calorie lunches. Zucchini and sweet potato gnocchi, turkey breast bundle, fake souffle and protein paste are some of them.

31. Ratattouille light : composed of various chopped and seasoned vegetables, the famous and traditional ratattouile recipe is presented here in its lightest version! Worth a try.

32. Chicken with honey and ginger : diets are not only made from grilled chicken, see this quick and easy recipe for roasted chicken with honey, orange and ginger. A light and healthy option for lazy days.

33. Green pancake without flour : learn how to prepare a delicious pancake recipe that does not contain flour. You will need egg, spinach, cheese, turkey breast, chives, salt and pepper. Each serving has only 85 calories!

34. Quinoa porridge with fruits : this snack option is gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and super-nutritious. Mix quinoa, chia, millet and berries and enjoy!

35. Banana snack : to kill, at least a little bit, the urge to eat sweets during the diet, here’s a delicious banana snack recipe with peanut butter. Enjoy!

36. Ricotta Beirut : easy to make and take with you anywhere, this recipe for beirut with ricotta, lettuce and tomatoes in whole beirut is a sure bet not to leave the diet.

37. Chicken snack : practical and quick, this chicken sandwich is a healthy option to eat between meals.

38. Black forest sandwich : it looks sweet, but in fact it is a sandwich made of dark brown bread with cottage, oregano and tomato. It’s easy to take anywhere, and it’s delicious!

39. Guacamole : made with avocado, tomato, coriander, onion, lemon, salt and pepper, guacamole is perfect for sharing. A healthy snack option that can even replace a meal. Try it!

40. Chickpeas snack: this chickpea snack is easy to make, as well as having very few calories. Just season the grain with salt, oregano and rosemary and bake.

41. Spinach omelet: rich in protein, the omelet is the favorite of those who exercise. Check out this version of an omelet with spinach, an extremely nutritious vegetable, and boost your diet.

42. Pumpkin and ginger cream : in addition to having less than 150 calories, pumpkin cream is rich in calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vitamins. Ginger has properties that help with weight loss and fight heartburn and poor digestion.

43. Carrot cream with ginger : this recipe can be consumed cold or hot. The carrot has a lot of vitamin A, great for the skin, since it is responsible for the formation of collagen in the body. Enjoy!

44. Onion soup: onion soup is a good dinner option for vegetarians and vegans. In this case, the recipe gives the possibility to exchange wheat flour for oatmeal to make the result even healthier.

45. Roasted tomato soup : with tomatoes, potatoes and a good seasoning, it is possible to make a delicious low-calorie tomato soup. Great option for the coldest days. Try it!

46. Lowcarb soups : prepare the pan and choose one of these delicious soup recipes for all tastes. In the selection, you will find varied options, such as the classic soup, a lowcarb green broth and a delicious zucchini cream with chicken.

47. Vegan soup : for vegans on duty who do not need a nutritious soup, this soup exchanges chicken meat for soy protein. Try it!

48. Spinach and yam cream : soups are a great meal option for those on a diet. See this yam spinach cream, excellent source of carbohydrates and rich in fiber and B vitamins, important for the functioning of the body and immune system.

49. Chia pudding : easy to make and healthy, this pudding recipe will surprise you. The main ingredient is chia, a seed that helps you lose weight and reduces fat. Choose the fruits you prefer and enjoy!

50. Light banana pie : this banana tart recipe is totally light and healthy. Just mix the bananas with honey, water and light ricotta and sprinkle with cinnamon. Check out how to do it!

51. Light pudding : who doesn’t love milk pudding? This light version has only 150 calories per slice, you can choose to eat at snack time or at breakfast, on those days when the urge to eat sweets is more acute.

52. Yogurt parfait: Complete the yogurt parfait with mango and berries and you will have an incredible dessert, without leaving your diet. If you prefer, add demerara sugar or sweeten it with honey.

53. Flaxseed banana pie : this recipe is fat-free and very rich in fiber. Flaxseed helps with weight loss and is very good for the heart. Try the hot or cold pie, choose what you prefer!

54. Pumpkin jam: with pumpkin, grated coconut, cloves and cinnamon, it is possible to make this delicious, low-calorie candy. Check out!

55. Tapioca and coconut pudding : this sweet has no gluten or lactose and has few calories, so it is released for all types of restrictive diets. Just make the caramel with demerara sugar and water and mix it with red fruits.

56. Fit desserts : papaya cream, french toast fit and functional chocolate cupcake are some of the recipes in this selection of fit desserts. Check out!

57. Skimmed yogurt : here’s a tutorial on how to make your own skimmed yogurt at home. The recipe is very easy to make and takes only yogurt, milk and powdered milk.

58. Avocado cream : it is wrong to think that avocado is a caloric fruit and is bad for you. The benefits of food are many: it increases satiety and decreases the glycemic load of the meal. Eat without guilt!

59. Fake brigadeiro : for brigadeiro lovers who are on a diet, this recipe may not be exactly the same as the traditional brigadeiro, but it will kill your sweet tooth. The version takes banana and powdered milk or whey protein.

After this selection, it is difficult to find any excuse to leave the diet, right? Try to have a healthy diet with varied options, it helps not to fall into sameness and reduces the risk of giving that extrapolated. Enjoy and stay focused, summer is just around the corner!

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