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Rita Daniela, who announced her pregnancy at the GMA production of “Hard and Fast Sundays,” will be a mother in due time. GMA Network’s YouTube account shows the entertainment musician’s pregnancy announcement after she performed on the program above. Rita Daniela, is a Filipino singer, performer, and television personality. Consequently, she and Ken Chan became a well-known romantic couple after starring in the critically-acclaimed television series, My Special Tatay.

She is one of the Journey Hosts for Season 3 of The Clash and hosts the early afternoon Sunday show All-Out Sundays. Among the main characters on the show is Rita, granddaughter of Teroy de Guzman, a late Filipino actor, and singer. She has been on several GMA and QTV shows since her victory.

The Man Rita Daniela Is Dating:


A long-term relationship is said to exist between Rita Daniela and a mystery man, whose identity and whereabouts remain unknown. It is popularly accepted that she and her co-star Ken Chen have been together forever because of how close they appear to be together.

Nelson and Aubrey P. Labrador-Villaroman, who was portrayed by the duo, immediately rose to prominence on television networks. Because they could see their chemistry onscreen, fans were interested in what went on behind the scenes. Outside of the camera frame, they’re just good friends who respect one another but don’t see one other as anything more than that. Daniela also informed the group of her pregnancy and expressed her gratitude for their support. Because of this, she was constantly documenting her increasing belly on social media. Her need for privacy and the interest of her followers may lead her to finally expose the identify and images of her sweetheart or child’s father.

Find out About On-Screen Partner Ken Chan’s Partnership with Rita Daniela

Ken Chan, Rita Daniela’s longstanding co-star, was the public face of their romance. So, on April 21, Chan denied having a strained relationship with Daniela in a public interview with the media. The administration’s decision to separate them and place them in different jobs also surprised Chan, he admitted.

Rita Daniela’s Childhood and Early Years


Singer, actress and television host Rita Daniela hails from the Philippines. Rita Daniela De Guzman Iringan was given the name Rita on September 15, 1995. In addition, Popstar Kids’ first season’s Grand Champion. In addition, she and Ken Chan became well-known as a couple because to their role in the critically acclaimed telefilm My Special Tatay. That’s why she’s one of the hosts of the third season of The Clash as well as All-Out Sundays, a show airing every Sunday at noon.

GMA Afternoon series Ang Dalawang Ikaw was Chan and Daniela’s final collaboration.

The net worth of Rita Daniela in 2022 This Filipino artist seems to have amassed an impressive fortune to sustain her work as a full-time professional. Despite the fact that she hasn’t made her net worth known to the public or the media, she appears to live a lavish life You can also follow her on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @missritadaniela and shares photographs and videos of her daily life

Due to her popularity and the admiration that many people feel for her work, she may have a substantial amount of wealth.


Pregnancy of Rita Daniela


It was not too long ago that Rita shared her pregnancy news on social media, including a sonogram of the baby she was carrying and a picture of her growing belly. Then she added, Tell Me About Your Baby, You Came up Just in Course. to Me, You Are the Ultimate Gift from God. You Give Me Energy to Achieve Other Goals. Everything I Can Make Your Life Better Will Be Done for You. Every Single Time

Nancy Will Always Make Sure that You Have a Coronary Heart for Others and Joy in The Lord at All Times. Anak, I Can’t-Wait to Meet Your Expectations.

Right Now, I Agree with Everything You’ve Said.

Rita Daniela’s Employment History

Actress Rita de Guzman, the stage name of her maternal grandfather, the late comedian Teroy de Guzman, acted as an adversary in several GMA Network Teleseryes.

When the GMA Artist Center determined she needed to focus on her singing career, Daniela became her screen persona. The five winners of the first season of PopStar Kids formed a supergroup called Sugarpop, and she performed with them on stage.

Since she was a tiny girl, Rita Daniela has reportedly worked in the entertainment industry, bringing in an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

As the evil guy in episodes like Alice Bungisngis, Wonder Walis, Paroa: Ang Kuwento ni Mariposa, and Villa Quintana, she left up music to pursue a career in television. Her return to singing and collaborations with Julie Anne San Jose and colleague Ken Chan on music for One of the Bates, I Love Movies and Kambal Sirena made her realize how much she missed performing live.

The Family Tree of Rita Daniela


After winning PopStar Kids, Rita de Guzman, granddaughter of the late Filipino actor Terry de Guzman, launched her acting career. Since winning the competition, she has been on numerous GMA and QTV programs (now GMA News TV). As a part of Sugarpop, a group of five PopStar Kids season one finalists, she appeared frequently on GMA’s concert television show SOP Rules.


Relationship Status of Rita Daniela

According to the reports, she has a long-term relationship with a man who loves her but refuses to reveal his name. Since the actress is overjoyed with the arrival of her first child, the absence of her father isn’t a problem.

Her developing baby belly was proudly featured on the GMA Network’s YouTube website, and she thanked the network for its support.

She had earlier considered keeping the blessing to herself, but couldn’t wait to tell everyone, even if that meant showing off the sonogram of her unborn kid.

Even though she has come to love the child more than life itself, she has no regrets about the child’s early arrival.