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When it comes to surviving the treacherous landscapes of Wraeclast, having the right tools is essential. In the realm of Path of Exile, one such tool is the hybrid flask, a versatile item that can restore both life and mana. While these flasks can be obtained through various means, there exists a lesser-known vendor recipe that allows players to craft their own hybrid flasks. In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of the hybrid flask vendor recipe, providing you with the knowledge to concoct these powerful elixirs on your own.


Understanding the Hybrid Flask:

Before delving into the recipe itself, it’s crucial to grasp the importance of the hybrid flask. In Path of Exile, hybrid flasks possess the unique ability to replenish both life and mana simultaneously, making them a valuable asset for any character build. These flasks can provide a much-needed lifeline during intense battles or allow for sustained casting of powerful spells. Crafting your own hybrid flasks through the vendor recipe can not only save you valuable currency but also provide a sense of self-sufficiency.


The Hybrid Flask Vendor Recipe:

To create a hybrid flask, you will need a combination of life flasks and mana flasks, as well as an augmentation orb. The augmentation orb is a currency item in the game that modifies a magic item with additional properties. By using the following vendor recipe, you can transform your existing flasks into powerful hybrid variants:


  • Acquire two magic (blue) life flasks with the same item level.
  • Obtain two magic (blue) mana flasks with the same item level.
  • Obtain an augmentation orb (purchasable from vendors or found as drops).
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The process:


  • Visit any vendor in the game and sell the two magic life flasks and two magic mana flasks.
  • Make sure the life flasks and mana flasks have the same item level.
  • Once you have sold the required items, the vendor will offer you a hybrid flask in return.
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Tips for Success:


While the recipe seems straightforward, there are a few important points to consider for optimal results:


  • Item Level: It is crucial that the life flasks and mana flasks have the same item level. If the item levels differ, the vendor will not offer a hybrid flask in return.
  • Magic Rarity: Ensure that the life flasks and mana flasks are magic (blue) rarity items. Normal (white) or rare (yellow) flasks will not yield the desired result.
  • Stockpile Flasks: To expedite the process, gather a collection of life flasks and mana flasks with various item levels.

Benefits and Limitations:


The hybrid flask vendor recipe offers several advantages to players. Firstly, it provides a cost-effective way to obtain hybrid flasks, as the recipe requires no additional currency items beyond the augmentation orb. This saves valuable resources that can be utilized for other essential items or upgrades. Secondly, crafting your own hybrid flasks allows for customization and fine-tuning according to your character’s specific needs.

However, it’s important to note that the vendor recipe does have its limitations. The resulting hybrid flask will have a random number of charges, affixes, and flask quality, just like any other flask in the game. Additionally, the vendor recipe cannot create unique hybrid flasks or those with specific mods, making it unsuitable for those seeking rare and powerful options.Experiment with different combinations of life flasks and mana flasks to discover the ideal recipe that suits your character’s needs. Remember to gather a variety of flasks with different item levels to increase your chances of success. By stockpiling these flasks, you can consistently attempt the vendor recipe and obtain a range of hybrid flasks with varying affixes and charges.

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While the vendor recipe is a cost-effective method of acquiring hybrid flasks, it’s important to acknowledge its limitations. The resulting flask will have random attributes, charges, and quality, similar to other flasks found in the game. If you’re seeking unique or rare hybrid flasks with specific mods, you may need to explore other avenues, such as trading or crafting methods involving more advanced techniques.

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Flask Mods:

Keep in mind that the resulting hybrid flask will inherit some of the mods from the life and mana flasks used in the recipe. This can lead to the wide variety of outcomes, ranging from increased recovery rate to added elemental resistances. Experiment with different combinations of flasks to discover powerful and synergistic mod combinations that suit your playstyle.


Quality Flasks:

Consider enhancing the quality of your life and mana flasks before using them in the recipe. Quality on flasks improves their effects, such as increased life or mana recovery, making the resulting hybrid flask even more potent. You can use Blacksmith’s Whetstones and Glassblower’s Baubles to improve flask quality.


Divination Cards:

Keep an eye out for divination cards that specifically reward hybrid flasks or the required flasks for the vendor recipe. By collecting these cards, you can actively work towards obtaining the necessary components for crafting hybrid flasks more efficiently.


Vendor Recipes for Augmentation Orbs:

In case you’re short on augmentation orbs, Path of Exile offers several vendor recipes to acquire them. For example, selling identified magic items with the same base type, or selling a full set of unidentified rare items, can grant you augmentation orbs as a reward.

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Flask Crafting Mods:

Once you have crafted your hybrid flask using the vendor recipe, you can further enhance its power by using the crafting bench. The crafting bench allows you to modify flasks by adding or removing mods, which can be especially useful for tailoring your hybrid flask to your specific needs.




Mastering the hybrid flask vendor recipe opens up a world of possibilities for Path of Exile players. By combining life and mana flasks of matching item levels and utilizing augmentation orbs, you can create your own powerful hybrid flasks that restore both life and mana. Experimentation, gathering a diverse collection of flasks, and considering various mods will enable you to fine-tune your crafted flasks to optimize your character’s survivability and efficiency.

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Embark on your crafting journey armed with the knowledge provided in this guide. The hybrid flask vendor recipe is a recipe worth exploring, as it offers an affordable and customizable way to obtain a vital tool for your adventures in Wraeclast. So, gather your flasks, sharpen your skills, and prepare to concoct potent elixirs that will aid you in conquering the challenges that lie ahead. Cheers to your success in mastering the art of crafting hybrid flasks!