Low calorie diet does not guarantee weight loss

– The body understands that you are not eating, so it will not spend – says the nutrologist Alexandre Merheb.

Nutritionist Fabiana Casé, from the Harmonya Therapeutic Clinic, explains that, with a long low-calorie diet, metabolism slows down and weight loss seems imperceptible:

– We should go back to eating more and stop low calorie diets. It should be rich in fiber, with regular times and intervals between short meals, always accompanied by physical exercises.

According to her, healthy diets that include dietary re-education do not stop.

– But weight loss is slower – admits.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the limit of losing weight, with health, that the body itself has, which is not always the same as the person wants.

– When a person’s weight reaches what is considered healthy, the body itself tends to decrease fat loss because there is a limit for it, that is, we have an ideal amount of fat that is healthy and not always what it is. person wants – explains the nutritionist.

So that the scale does not park, the ideal, according to Merheb, is to carry out an alternate nutritional treatment to prevent the situation of defense of the organism, of low caloric expenditure, from installing itself. He suggests a more aggressive diet for a period of ten days, followed by 20 days of a balanced, but less radical diet:

– The organism will continue to defend itself, but in a more gentle way. It is a good option to prevent this mechanism.

In the first phase, carbohydrates can be abolished from meals. In the second, some of them must return to the plate.

For this math to really work, there is no point in closing your mouth for ten days, or kicking the bucket in others.

– The diet has to be less aggressive, but it has to remain a diet. This phase most often does not have concrete weight loss results, but it can not only prevent the energy saving mechanism from being installed, but also recover and reverse the little that has already happened.

While the greedy will count the seconds for the lightest days of the diet, the laziest will cheer for the most restricted food.

– During this period, exhaustive physical activity is not recommended – he says.

With exercises associated with a lighter diet, the body regains its burning power.

Women who always complain that men lose weight faster than they should review their concepts.

– This only happens because women live on a diet all their lives. The organism already knows the path of the stones – says the specialist.

Facing some daily tasks differently also contributes to weight loss.

– People should increase caloric expenditure through physical exercises and through routine activities, such as climbing stairs and walking more – recommends Fabiana.

Over the years, the trend is that it will be increasingly difficult to keep the balance hand moving, especially from the age of 40.

– From this age, the reserve becomes more important for the organism – says Mehreb.

It is not a matter of restricting certain foods, nor of including others in the diet. The biggest issue is balance, dribbling the body so that it doesn’t realize that you want to spend what you don’t have:

– Changing habits will always favor weight loss. However, the inclusion of foods with more fiber can already be a help. In addition, calcium-rich foods appear to increase metabolism.

The carbohydrate diet aims to prevent this defense reaction from the body. Radical diets educate the body. And this is a much more difficult problem to solve than a few extra pounds.

– They work at first, but a diet that follows a path only stops the balance. By eating, you regulate the organism, which returns to functioning normally.

– The problem is that people do not think about a weight loss program, they are immediate. They think about losing weight to get into a wedding outfit.

If there is still time to get fit in a healthy way for the summer he says:

– It may not happen in November, but for January and February it will. There is still time, the sooner you take action the better.

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