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The diet seeks to make the individual spend more energy than they consume throughout the day, in order to force the use of their body fat stores.

How the 1200 calorie diet works

In this proposal, meals are well distributed throughout the day, in small volumes with smaller intervals, in an attempt to reduce appetite.

Menu suggestion

  • Breakfast : 200ml of skimmed milk + 50ml of coffee without added sugar + 1 slice of 100% whole bread + 1 spoon. tea full of light curd
  • Morning snack : Chamomile tea without added sugar + 1 small kiwi
  • Lunch : 2 scoops. shallow brown rice soup + 2 spoonfuls. bean soup + 4 spoons braised ground beef soup with as little oil as possible + 4 slices of tomato + lettuce (1 dessert plate) + 1 spoon. grated carrot soup
  • Afternoon snack : 250ml of low-fat natural yogurt + 1 red plum
  • Dinner : Same as lunch, but varying the leafy (arugula, watercress, endive, cabbage, etc.) and exchanging ground beef for shredded chicken in the same volume
  • Supper : 150ml of skimmed milk + 1 spoon. powdered cocoa tea.

Remembering that this is just an example of a food routine and that to follow a diet, it is necessary to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, after all, each individual has different needs.

It is necessary to focus not only on the issue of calories, but on the nutritional balance of the food day, so that health-related imbalances do not occur.

Benefits of the 1200 calorie diet

For those individuals who have poor eating habits, the 1200 calorie diet is a way to get them used to eating meals in a healthier way, as long as the diet is planned by a qualified professional and is balanced and in less volume than the usually.

Disadvantages of the 1200 calorie diet

If not accompanied by a professional, it may be an idea restricted to calories only, without taking into account the daily needs of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), in addition to fibers.

If it is followed for a long period, it can trigger several nutritional deficiencies. In addition to the risk of awakening in the individual attention only to the calories ingested, without worrying about the quality of what is ingested.

Today it is well known that for weight loss, it is of great importance to evaluate what a certain food arouses in the body, what type of hormone will be activated with the food ingestion.

Diet risks

Keeping a very restrictive diet for a long period, in addition to the nutritional deficiency that can be triggered, increases the risk of having a weight regain and thus starting the famous accordion effect, which is not interesting for heart health, for example.