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Tapioca, coffee, cocoa, pepper and green tea are just some of the foods you can have at home that help you lose weight

Foods that help you lose weight

Foods that help you lose weight, medicine to lose weight , diet to lose weight and even recipes to lose weight that circulate on the internet are sometimes a trap. Diets that present themselves as miraculous can bring health risks such as changes in hormones, weakness, tachycardia, malaise and even the unwanted “concertina effect” – the person loses weight in one week but, in the following week, gains all the weight again or even more than I had before starting the diet. If good eating habits and regular long-term physical exercise are not maintained , it is difficult to maintain the ideal weight in health . If the desire is to lose weight, it is necessary to invest in natural foods, avoid refined, processed foods, sweets, sugars and fried foods. The ideal is to consume foods that speed up the metabolism, bring a feeling of satiety, fight fluid retention and improve the functioning of the intestine. Check out a list of 21 foods that help you lose weight with health; but remember: these are just examples, to put together an ideal and complete diet consult a nutritionist.


Foods that help you lose weight

The great advantage of tapioca for those who are looking for food help to lose weight is the feeling of satiety that the cassava starch, the base of the tapioca mass, provides – which helps to avoid the dangerous “pinches”. In addition, tapioca does not have gliadin, a protein present in gluten (which is found in bread and other wheat flour masses) that contributes to increased inflammation in the body and increased abdominal fat.

Tapioca is a great source of energy and, being a carbohydrate, it is best to be filled with protein and fibrous side dishes. You can fill it with olive oil, peppers, carrots, black olives, paprika, raw garlic, salt, sesame, oregano, leaves and tomatoes, for example. You can also fill it with baba ganoush (recipe that uses roasted eggplant puree, sesame paste, salt and lemon juice), hommus ( chickpea recipe) and so on. The important thing is to use your imagination and balance the necessary foods. But it is also necessary to consider tapioca (together with its fillings) as a meal, and not as a “lachinho”, and consume it in the morning, at lunch or dinner time, because despite causing a feeling of satiety, aspect that helps the to lose weight , tapioca is very caloric. To learn more about this food, check out the article ” Tapioca: benefits and how to make easy recipes “.

Coffee with cocoa

Foods that help you lose weight

When ingested moderately in the morning, on a full stomach and with cocoa powder, coffee can be beneficial for those looking for foods that help them lose weight . It helps to speed up the metabolism and brings a feeling of satiety, disguising the desire to eat. When ingested with cocoa (pure or 70%) there is less risk of increased anxiety, as it would normally be if coffee was ingested alone. In addition, the phenylethylamine present in cocoa stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, hormones related to the sensation of pleasure and well-being, which avoids the atypical similarities of moments of depression. But remember, to enjoy the slimming benefits of these foods, dispense with whipped cream, milk and sugar. To learn more about coffee, cocoa and their blend, check out the articles ” Everything about caffeine: from therapeutic effects to risks “, ” What is cocoa and what health benefits are associated with its consumption? ” And ” Mixture of cocoa with caffeine helps in concentration and relieves anxiety, says study “.

Brown rice

Foods that help you lose weight

Brown rice is basically made up of carbohydrates. With other foods , brown rice is a great source of energy and also provides proteins, fibers, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and small concentrations of iron and zinc . Because it is rich in fiber, it helps promote satiety and, in addition, prevents cardiovascular disease and diabetes , which tend to cause problems in the circulatory system and are related to obesity.

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Apple cider vinegar

Foods that help you lose weight

Apple cider vinegar, popularly used as a seasoning, is also one of the foods that help you lose weight . A study of obese Japanese people showed that 15 mL or 30 mL of apple cider vinegar taken daily for 12 weeks reduced the study participants’ body weight from 1.2 kg to 1.7 kg.

Olive oil

Foods that help you lose weight

Olive oil is one of the healthiest sources of fat. One study has shown that olive oil lowers triglyceride levels, increases HDL cholesterol and stimulates the release of GLP-1, one of the hormones that help maintain a feeling of satiety.

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In addition, some studies have shown that olive oil can increase the metabolic rate and promote fat loss.

A small study , conducted with 12 postmenopausal women with abdominal obesity, showed that taking extra virgin olive oil as part of a normal meal significantly increased the number of calories burned by the women participating in the study.

Sweet potato

Foods that help you lose weight

Sweet potatoes, in addition to being nutritious, have several properties that make them a perfect food, both to help you lose weight and to nourish you.

It is rich in potassium, a nutrient that most people don’t have enough of and plays an important role in controlling blood pressure.

Studies show that the potato is capable of providing a significant feeling of satiety. And, if you boil it and let it cool for a while, it will form large amounts of resistant starch, a fiber-like substance that has been shown to have several health benefits , including weight loss . The only care is to avoid sweet potatoes in fried form.


Foods that help you lose weight

Leafy vegetables are great foods that help you lose weight . This is because they help to increase the volume of meals and the intake of essential minerals without increasing the calories. Studies show that consumption of foods with low energy density (kcal / g) decreases energy intake over several days. Cabbage, watercress, chicory, Catalonia and even Pancs leaves are loaded with fiber, rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, including calcium and iron.

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Green tea

Foods that help you lose weight

Green tea is a great choice for weight loss . Studies suggest that in addition to being a moderate source of caffeine, green tea is an excellent source of epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that promotes the burning of fat in the abdominal region.

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Foods that help you lose weight

Chickpeas, like all other beans (lentils, peas, beans, etc.), in addition to being a great source of protein, are legumes that also serve as one of the foods that help you lose weight in health . This is because legumes are rich in soluble fibers , whose main function is to form gels in the stomach, forming more viscous food cakes, which influence nervous responses telling the organism that it is satiated. This satiety also leads to a reduction in the intake of other foods , during and even a time after the meal.

Bitter orange

Foods that help you lose weight

As it is rich in water and fiber, the bitter orange hydrates the intestine, the feces and provides a lot of bagasse, helping the good intestinal functioning. The best way to take advantage of its weight loss benefits is to consume it in the form of buds, as its juice has virtually no fiber. Bitter orange ( Citrus aurantium ) is a special food that helps you lose weight mainly because it has synephrine , a stimulant with properties similar to caffeine and ephedrine, which works by increasing metabolism, energy expenditure and suppresses appetite. The pulp of bitter orange is tonic and alkalizing, which makes it beneficial for people with liver problems; however diabetics should exercise caution when consuming it.


Foods that help you lose weight

In addition to having powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage, peppers have capsaicin.

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One study showed that capsaicin decreases the desire to eat. Other studies have shown that the intake of capsioids from peppers is associated with fat loss in the abdominal region , weight loss and the prevention of weight gain .


Foods that help you lose weight

A study, published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , showed that oats are a great weight loss food . The study showed that in 12 weeks, individuals who ate oats lose weight. The detail is that although all groups have lost the same amount of weight, the one who consumed the whole grains managed to eliminate abdominal fat. The problem is that some oats are contaminated with gluten (a protein that helps to increase inflammation in the body and increase abdominal fat), so it is always good to check the packaging for gluten-free certification .

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