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Are you one of those people who are always hungry and, even if they eat constantly, you still have a rumbling stomach? The reason may be related to the type of food you have been consuming.

If that feeling of “being satisfied” lasts for a short time after a meal, it may be that your body has been missing some nutrients that it actually feeds – and not just kills the urge to eat.

To feel satisfied and be up to date with health, the tip is to choose foods that satiate for longer. Clinical and sports nutritionist Débora Alba, from the Nutri Vida Equilibrada clinic, separated 7 foods that satiate, have few calories and are easy to include in the routine.

1 – Green leaves
In addition to the large amount of fiber (which gives satiety), the leaves require a lot of chewing – and this movement is an indispensable mechanism to tell the brain that it is time to stop eating.

2 – Lean proteins
“Proteins have all the complements for your feeling of fullness”, says the nutritionist. Egg whites, turkey breast, chicken (without skin), fish, lean steaks and low-fat yogurt help improve body composition and are foods that are easily satiated.

3 – Tofu
Also an important source of protein, as well as egg, white cheese, yogurt and turkey breast, is part of the list of foods that quench hunger with few calories.

4 – Flaxseed
Source of fiber, can be mixed in yogurt, vitamins and salads. For women, the seed carries a special benefit: it contains ligin, a phytochemical with a structure similar to the female hormone estrogen, whose variation in the body causes premenstrual tension disorders (PMS) and menopause, including symptoms of depression, excessive irritability and fluid retention.

5 – Oats
It is a food that can be consumed in different ways and daily. Thus it promotes better intestinal transit, in addition to maintaining a longer satiety between meals. And there’s more! Assists in lowering blood cholesterol and sugar levels.

6 – Wheat bran
Rich in fiber and with a low glycemic index (it takes time to be absorbed by the body), wheat bran increases the satiety period, contributes to weight loss, improves the functioning of the intestine, helps the elimination of toxins and reduction of cholesterol.

7 – Apple
The fruit has a high level of concentration of a substance called pectin, a fiber that increases the feeling of satiety, delaying the digestion process.

It is important to highlight the importance of chewing food well to help satiate your appetite. Hunger has been proven to last approximately 20 minutes from the moment chewing begins. Thus, if the food is chewed slowly or several times, a large amount of food will not be needed. In addition, digestion is done more smoothly.