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Check out a much easier, healthier and healthier attack plan that will help you learn how to lose weight fast – and the right way

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There is no denying that diets that reduce calories drastically are the worst for anyone looking to lose weight. As much as you are motivated to lose weight in a short time, around the fourth day of the “banana regime” or whichever option you choose, doing something with quick results seems much more attractive than another 24 hours of chicken breast and spinach .

So we are going to offer you a plan that will help you lose weight fast  and the right way! No detox juices, not just eating sausages or a cup of broccoli all day (yes, that exists). Check out the nine strategies below:

1. Do not eat the same food (except vegetables) more than once a day

If you had toast for breakfast, choose another whole carbohydrate, like black rice or quinoa, for lunch or dinner. If you love to eat peanut butter and jelly for your pre-workout snack, choose oilseeds for the rest of the day. By limiting yourself to eating a portion of any type of food, you automatically add a type of “flaw released” to your eating plan, according to Rania Batayneh, author of the book The One One One Diet , still without a Portuguese version. In addition, and even more importantly, this strategy adds a wider range of nutrients per day – increasing your satiety and energy levels.

2. Eat vegetables at least four times a week

In a study by the European Journal of Nutrition , people who followed a low-calorie diet and included four weekly servings of vegetables in their diet plan lost significantly more weight after four weeks compared to those who ate the same number of calories – but without vegetables . The acceleration of weight loss may come from the fibers of vegetables and antioxidant components, as the researchers found that vegetable lovers had lower levels of inflammation linked to obesity. Try adding chickpeas to your salad, steaming some lentils, or eating beans during the week.

3. Get 8.5 hours of sleep a day

Yes, you know that sleep affects weight. But you probably didn’t realize how fast this happens: A study by the Annals of Internal Medicine  suggests that it takes just two weeks of sleep for your waist to be influenced in any way. In the study, men and women followed a calorie-controlled diet. After 14 days of 5.5 or 8.5 hours of sleep per night, both groups lost about 3 kg – but those who slept more lost twice as much fat as those who slept less.

4. Drink a liter of water for every 23 kg of your weight

As much as increasing your water consumption is vital to prevent gluttony, promote healthier digestion and keep your metabolism in shape, when it comes to losing weight quickly, water is also your best ally against bloating, according to Kyle Brown, trainer in San Diego, USA, best known for “drying out” celebrities before photo shoots and red carpet appearances. That’s because when your cells are dehydrated, their first reaction is to cling to whatever fluid is in your system, contributing to the swelling. She recommends drinking a liter of water for every 23 kg, per day. So, if you weigh 79 kg, you should drink 3.5 liters of water. Taking slow sips avoids overwhelming your body at once.

5. Stop eating salt and processed foods

Another way to cut excess weight is to keep sodium and potassium levels up to date, according to Brown. To do this, she recommends cutting consumption of processed foods, which tend to have high levels of sodium, and avoiding salt in any food on your plate. “Combine this low-salt strategy with the high consumption of potassium-rich foods, like salmon and spinach, and you will deflate over the week,” she said.

6. Do 20 minutes of HIIT

To lose weight in record time, high intensity interval training should be your bet. Minute per minute, it burns more calories than any other exercise and, in addition, increases calorie burning 48 hours after training, according to Taylor Gainor, co-founder of LIT Method , in Los Angeles, USA. Over time, HIIT builds muscle, which is great for keeping weight in place, says Brown. Your prescription: do these exercises as fast as you can (burpees, squats, advances and push-ups) for 20 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds and repeat until four minutes have passed. Rest for a minute and then repeat for four rounds, suggests a survey by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse .

7. Avoid pasta, cookies and sweets

One of the easiest ways to deflate is to reduce your consumption of simple carbohydrates. Some sources to keep an eye on include white flour pasta, cookies, crackers and sweets. While it goes without saying that refined sugar in foods can impair long-term weight loss, it’s good to know that it can lead to significant water retention in the short term, says Gainor. “You will be shocked at the weight you will lose by cutting your sugar consumption,” she says.

8. Eat complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats every few hours

Eating balanced meals and snacks, containing all three macronutrients your body needs, within a few hours, is the key to energizing your body for training, preventing you from overeating (especially simple carbohydrates), and keeping your metabolism fast, according to Batayneh. Try a whole grain toast, an egg and an avocado for breakfast, an apple with a slice of cheese for lunch, and a spinach salad with chicken and olive oil for lunch.

9. Eat a handful of oilseeds a day

In a Penn State study , people who ate a handful of almonds a day lost significantly more abdominal fat over six weeks compared to those who followed a diet with less oil, but with the same number of calories. While the study looked at the consumption of almonds, three other types of vegetables, such as nuts and pistachios, are also linked to improved health and weight, thanks to their healthy proteins and fats.