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Eating is always a challenge when the intention is to lose weight, mainly because you have to eat few calories and eat something that you like at the same time, an almost impossible mission for some.

Healthy low calorie foods and snacks for your meals

Eating is always a challenge when the intention is to lose weight, mainly because you have to eat few calories and eat something that you like at the same time, an almost impossible mission for some. It is also difficult to have the right ingredients to make low-calorie and tasty snacks, so in today’s article we write about some very delicious meals, with very few calories. Options with snacks, yogurts, fruits in recipes that are easy to prepare, options to eat at home or at work, to keep meals healthy throughout the day. Eating healthy during the diet, or dietary re-education is one of the most important steps, in addition to of course maintaining this diet for the rest of your life, of course needing variety, so we bring you several options.

Wholemeal bread, polenguinho and Kiwi Following the rules of healthy eating and the food pyramid, these foods make up an interesting mix, with dairy, cereal and fruit, all important for a low-calorie and healthy diet. Kiwi and wholemeal bread are rich in fiber, helping our digestive system work and lose weight, meanwhile, the pollen has calcium and proteins.

Quantity: • 1 unit of polenguinho • 1 slice of whole bread • 1 kiwi Calories: contains 163 calories. Yogurt with papaya and granola With a yogurt 0 that contains low amounts of fats and calories, this makes it easier to eat in a low calorie and healthy way, however, as the taste of the yogurt may not be the best, you should put papaya and granola papaya in the yogurt that will taste great and will have more nutrients and fiber because of these additions Quantity • 1 jar of yogurt with 0% fat of 100g • Half papaya papaya • 1 tablespoon of granola Calories: contains 153 calories. Yakult, whole grain toast and peach Yakult is great for our intestinal flora by improving bowel function and has few calories.

Toast and peach provide other nutrients and make your intermediate snack perfect in terms of calories for your morning snack or afternoon snack. Quantity • 1 yakult (fermented milk) • 1 whole toast • 1 large peach Calories: contains 160 calories. Cereal bar and papaya This combination of foods is great for your intermediate meal, providing energy through balanced doses of fiber and carbohydrates, in addition to the slimming effect of fibers in our diet.

Quantity • 1 cereal bar • Half papaya papaya Calories: contains 156 calories. Swedish bread with cottage cheese Swedish bread contains a good amount of fiber and cottage cheese is rich in calcium and protein because it is derived from dairy products and less caloric than other cheeses, a tablespoon contains only 30 calories. Quantity • 2 slices of Swedish bread • 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese Calories: contains 156 calories. Toast with jam and juice The whole toast as mentioned above is rich in fiber, in addition to carbohydrates, a combination that in addition to energy, quenches hunger for longer, ideal for the afternoon snack, along with a spoonful of jam to add flavor Special.

To accompany those who are unable to prepare a juice, boxed juice based on soy milk is the best option.

Quantity : • 1 wholemeal toast • 1 teaspoon of jam • 1 boxed juice based on soy milk Calories: contains 163 calories. Turkey breast sandwich with tea Make a sandwich with two slices of whole grain bread (whole foods are high in fiber) with two slices of turkey breast, a source of protein, the combination is powerful to feed and provide energy and has very low calories. To complete the meal, a light tea.

Quantity: • Two slices of whole wheat bread • Two slices of turkey breast • 1 box or can of light tea Calories: contains 150 calories. Flatbread and ricotta sandwich Sandwich is always a good choice, I love it, but adding a few calories to a delicious sandwich is very difficult. Wholegrain flatbread is an option for your sandwich, with few calories, it is as rich in fiber and carbohydrates as the other wholegrain breads. Ricotta is rich in protein and also has a low calorie content.

Quantity: • Two slices of light pita bread • Two slices of ricotta cheese Calories: contains 100 calories. Apple with cinnamon The apple has few calories, being rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibers, being good for health and combating the effects of aging. On average an apple has 50 to 95 calories, for this meal you must knead the apple together with the cinnamon. Cinnamon helps because it can speed up our metabolism without abusing calories.

Amount: • 1 large apple • Cinnamon Calories: contains 115 calories. See the fruit calorie chart! Mega snack of turkey breast with ricotta Our days are busy and sometimes you end up needing a slightly stronger meal, it is not ideal, but it is a necessity for everyone. That is why the turkey with ricotta snack offers you more calories than other meals, and remains great for our health and weight loss. Inside the slices of bread you put 2 slices of turkey breast and 1 slice of ricotta, a combination full of carbohydrates, fibers and proteins.

Quantity: • 2 slices of whole wheat bread • 2 slices of turkey breast • 1 slice of ricotta cheese • 2 slices of tomato Calories: contains 205 calories. See also: Habits that slow down your metabolism Exercises that lose weight Now you have 10 snack options for your intermediate meals with few calories, maintaining health and extremely tasty.