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Summer is just around the corner and, although we try to take care of ourselves throughout the year, this time we pay more attention. We include more vegetables, salads and low-calorie recipes in our diet   that help us to take care of ourselves both inside and out.


Having a  healthy diet  is a matter of changing some eating habits and thus improving your health. A  low calorie diet  consists of exchanging foods that may have more fats for others with fewer calories, eating five times a day in a balanced way and including fruits and vegetables in the diet, among other things.

How do we manage to make these  recipes low in calories ? Very simple, with these 3 tricks and cooking recipes that Bonduelle brings you. Take note!

1- Low-calorie breads made in the oven

Of course, the breaded ones are great, but you don’t need to wrap them in breadcrumbs and dip in olive oil. They can be alternated by grilling them with some natural seasoning such as tomatoes or aromatic herbs. And, on the day you decide to bread the steaks, which is also an option, you can make them in the oven. A trick for your  recipe to be low in calories and also tasty .

A breaded chicken breast has a total of 416 Kcal, while the grilled one has 120, that is, less calories than with the batter. In any case, breaded is not bad if you eat it every now and then and it doesn’t become usual. In addition, making it in the oven is crispy and healthier. The kitchen is not so dirty and the laundry does not smell as fried. Need more reasons?

Here’s  the recipe . You can use meat, chicken or fish. Ours is with chicken. A trick to have more flavor is to leave the chicken overnight to steep in a container with beaten egg, garlic and parsley. Never fails!

breaded chicken

2- Healthy recipes. As? No sauces!

Do you prefer mayonnaise or ketchup? It is best not to prefer either. The best sauces are natural ones, with no saturated fats or additional sugars that only harm your body. As always, we say it is a matter of habit, and nothing happens because you consume them now and then … But if you gradually eliminate them from your diet, your body will thank you!

For this we have several alternatives: do not run out of sauces, exchange them only for other recipes low in calories. If making  a salad , a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil is the best seasoning, and if you want it to taste even more, make  a vinaigrette dressing . It is very easy to make and healthier than any sauce.

Want to know how to prepare the vinaigrette?  Here is the recipe to accompany meat or fish. You can also add it to your salad recipes with some fresh cheese, tomatoes and oregano. Enjoy it!

Salad vinaigrette

vinaigrette sauce

3- Vegetable accompaniment, much lighter!

The fried foods par excellence and the accompaniment that goes with everything are French fries, which, like any fried food, are not the best for  healthy eating . Why not exchange them for a side dish of vegetables? Another surefire trick for your  low calorie recipes to take  shape.

The  advantage of vegetables  is that, in addition to providing immense nutrients to our body, they  can be prepared in many ways . Even when cooking them as an accompaniment. Want to know some? Read on!

– Ratatouille:  the most juicy accompaniment. With natural tomato sauce it is delicious.

– Grilled vegetables:  Crunchy and tasty. Zucchini, peppers and onion with a touch of pepper, is an option.

– Vegetables in paper bags:  Vegetables in the oven, one of the easy recipes to prepare. You can accompany them with rice.

– Crudités:  With hummus or guacamole. In addition to light, it is to eat and cry for more!

In addition to these, we chose a recipe that, with summer and good weather, you can include in your menus. What is a summer without a barbecue with friends? Include this  low calorie recipe  and don’t worry about healthy eating anymore  .

Choose the ingredients for your grill well. We recommend onion, red pepper, mushrooms and courgette. These are  low calorie foods  that will help you have a healthier life.

grilled vegetables

To conclude, as we always recommend, if you have any doubts, consult specialists or nutritionists to help you to have a  healthy diet  and especially not to harm your health.