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weight loss tips

If you are looking for weight loss tips, you are in the right place!

With the holiday season approaching, it is common for almost everyone to decide to leave the diet alone, but don’t worry about it. To get back to the pace of losing weight and controlling your food intake, we bring you a list of 50 simple tips to decrease your daily calorie intake. According to studies, a decrease in calories per day can lead to a loss of up to a pound a week in a woman weighing around 70 pounds.

Lets go to what matters?

50 simple weight loss tips

1. Move your body: dancing for two hours burns 500 calories. If you are not very adept at dancing, a little Guitar Hero can help you burn some extra calories, but not so many!

2. Sleep well: a body that has not rested enough can make you eat more, according to research recently conducted at the University of Chicago in the United States. According to the study, people who have a habit of sleeping for just over five hours eat more during the day. By sleeping more, you can save up to 1087 calories.

3. Do not eat in front of the TV: according to a survey by the University of Massachusetts (USA), this can cause you to eat up to 288 more calories than normal. The distraction caused by television can make you eat more. In addition to breaking this bad habit, you can substitute an hour in front of the screen for a walk. Combined, the two activities decrease 500 calories from your diet.

4. Know your stomach well:  this is one of the main weight loss tips that we can give someone. And it’s very easy to put into practice: pay attention to when you feel satisfied, and stop eating at the right time. By listening to the tips given by your body, instead of seeing if the dish is clean, you can save up to 500 calories daily.

5. Eat with few guests: According to Brian Wansink, author of the book “Mindless Eating”, having a meal with more than seven people at the table causes people to increase their intake of up to 96%. When possible, save yourself from the distractions of a large class and save calories.

6. Learn simple tricks to be satisfied by eating less: in the morning, you can eat two boiled eggs, which increases the feeling of satiety and can decrease your intake during the day by up to 416 calories. Before lunch and dinner, eat a little lean soup, which makes you eat up to 134 fewer calories at each meal.

7. Eat a few salad dressings: everyone knows the importance of salads for a healthy and lighter diet, but usually, to make the salad tastier, people put fatty dressings on top. Cheese and heavy dressings can make a salad more caloric than a piece of lasagna or a portion of pasta. It is possible to save up to 500 calories by seasoning your salad with tasty vegetables with few calories, such as peppers, mushrooms or olives, and using less fatty ready-made sauces.

8. Don’t clean your plate: leave 25% of your food on the plate with every meal. According to expert James Hill, this step helps to reduce calories and get the body used to eating less. Learn here how to do it with mastery.

9. Use smaller dishes: this step has an effect similar to the tip 8. Using smaller dishes makes people eat up to 25% less with meals. Research also points out that the psychological effect of the change affects less than the physical, as people continue to feel full, even with less food.

10. Help yourself away from the table: family meals full of pots and pans with food on the table invite the person to repeat the dish. Thus, it is possible to save hundreds of calories simply by serving the dish away from the table.

11. Make lean changes: instead of using sour cream in your favorite sweet recipe, replace the ingredient with light yogurt. By making this exchange with a cup of the ingredients, it is possible to save up to 684 calories.

12. A mini, please: When possible, order mini versions of desserts, for example. Thus, you can end your meal with a sweet touch, but without overdoing the calories.

13. Film with popcorn, but without butter: you know that family size popcorn full of butter from the cinema? It can have more than a thousand calories by itself, so it is better to manage the quantity and ingredients. With a normal popcorn, without butter or with reduced fat content, it is possible to save up to 700 calories in the snack.

14. Count the snacks: if your plan is to reduce calories, don’t fall into the bullshit of eating snacks straight from the pack. This gives that inevitable desire to eat the snack until the end of the package. Instead, place a small portion of the snacks in another container, and help yourself to that individual portion.

15. Stay away from nuts: especially if they are on a large tray. According to research at Cornell University in the United States, the larger the bowl in which the appetizer is served, the more people eat. Nuts have fats that are good for the heart, but 30 grams of the food has 175 calories. If you don’t want to have to resist oilseeds, eat pistachios: two handfuls of food have only 159 calories, and peeling pistachios slows down the speed with which you eat your snack.

16. Without whipped cream: coffee-based drinks can have more than 600 calories with the addition of whipped cream. If your desire for the sweet touch is stronger, take a dose of espresso coffee with the topping. Thus, you save calories and still have your coffee with a special touch.

17. Let go of your soda addiction: a soda can can have almost 200 calories. By replacing the drink with water, for example, it is possible to save a lot of calories, in addition to being a healthier habit. In the latter case, change your sugary soda to the sugar-free versions.

18. Sugar-free drinks:  this figure is stamped on all lists of weight loss tips. Teas, coffees and juices can be drunk without the addition of sugar, or at least in smaller quantities than usual. At first the change may seem strange, but the flavor of the drinks is enhanced by the lack of added sugar, so it is possible that you will soon get used to the different taste, in addition to saving a lot of calories.

19. Make your drinks slimmer: when going out at night, adding liqueurs, syrups and creams to drinks can wreak havoc on your calorie count. Prefer drinks with juices, tonic water, and less caloric citrus ingredients. If you want your drink pure, distilled with ice is a good choice.

20. Eat less pasta: a cup of pasta has an average of only 220 calories. However, research by New York University shows that average restaurant portions are up to five times that amount. Even if you consume two cups of pasta, with some light sauce, you can save calories by eating less.

21. Go knitting: an afternoon knitting burns 500 calories. Easy as that, sitting in your corner.

22. Clean the house: give the general one in your house for two and a half hours burns 510 calories.

23. Count the portions: it may even be that a dish in the restaurant says it has 300 calories per serving, but the whole dish can have more portions. Share the dish with friends and share the calories.

24. Be careful of the health food trap: ordering a dish considered healthy in a restaurant makes people think it has up to 35% less calories than it actually has, according to a Cornell University study. In addition, the study shows that the healthier, but not the leanest choice, leads people to order more drinks, side dishes and desserts to accompany the meal.

25. Decrease calories in Mexican food: if you can’t resist typical Mexican food, you can at least reduce the calories in your burrito, for example: instead of ordering a flour tortilla, ask for a lettuce leaf to wrap the food. Replace the cheese with guacamole, and instead of eating sour cream, eat pico de gallo , a much lighter spicy tomato sauce!

26. Think small with the ice cream: even if you are tempted to eat your favorite ice cream, and even if it is very caloric, you can reduce the damage by ordering a smaller amount or just a scoop of ice cream.

27. Think thin with pizza: no one needs to stop eating pizza to lose weight. But you also don’t have to eat the sweet or fatty flavors and cheeses. Order a pizza with vegetables instead of a pepperoni or four cheeses, for example, and the meal can be up to 500 calories lighter.

28. Watch out for invisible oils: even without asking for a fry, your food may come loaded with fat. To avoid this, ask for it to be cooked in broths instead of oil, and order steamed or water-cooked entrees. Failing to put oil in the food at the end can also avoid 40 calories per teaspoon of the product.

29. Spaghetti with lean meats: instead of ordering a pasta with sausage, order with lean ground beef. So you can save up to 560 calories without losing flavor. However, if you don’t want to order the meat dish, a ravioli with mushrooms or a pasta with red sauce are even leaner and equally tasty options!

30. Avoid snack drinks: having a chocolate drink to replace breakfast can add more than 600 calories to your menu. The drink may even look healthy, and it is actually better than a milk shake, for example, but it is very caloric and full of sugars. Try replacing snacks with natural fruit vitamins with skim milk and a little honey, for example.

31. Help a friend change: if you were looking for a good excuse to escape the obligation to help a friend change, know that this exercise can burn up to 600 calories in just one hour. In addition to helping a friend in need, of course!

32. Clean the yard: if you live in a house, take the opportunity to sweep the leaves from the garden, it can burn up to 500 calories per hour.

33. Ice skating: practicing this delicious activity for an hour burns over 500 calories. And don’t say that there is no snow in Brazil, artificial ice courts are not lacking in the big cities!

34. Tap your feet: do you know that anxious and skinny friend of yours? Stomping your feet or walking around while talking on the phone can help you burn 350 calories a day. Just don’t stand still.

35. Be the host: go shopping, spend two hours cooking, preparing the table and serving a delicious Christmas meal, for example, burns 640 calories. Considering that a glass of champagne has about 100 calories, you can relax and enjoy your meal and drink easily.

36. Go to shop windows: it doesn’t matter if you buy something or not, an afternoon walking and looking at shop windows can help you burn up to 550 calories.

37. Enjoy the pool: now that the heat has arrived, take the opportunity to burn 500 calories by walking slowly in the pool.

38. Go out with the little ones: an afternoon with the children (or nephews, grandchildren …) can burn about 523 calories, walking between the zoo, museum or amusement park.

39. Go to the amusement park: this time the tip is for you, not for children. Just walking around and waiting in lines, you can burn 612 calories in three hours. Since a cotton candy has only 105 calories, it can surrender to desire without guilt!

40. Play football or basketball: enjoy sports and get rid of 500 calories in just one hour.

41. Head to the nearest hill: a steep climb can be fun and help you burn more than 500 calories in just one hour and five minutes.

42. Running: an hour of exercise burns 544 calories. This is part of the series of tips to lose weight, but it is an excellent idea for those who want a healthier lifestyle, in general.

43. Take a look at the garage: organizing the junk boxes in the garage or that room that hasn’t been organized for years can help burn 510 calories in an hour, in addition to improving the cleanliness and tidiness of your home.

44. Wash the sidewalks: cleaning the sidewalks of the house can be a good option for hot summer days, as well as helping to flush out a lot of calories. and dirt.

45. Kickbox: This fight burns 510 calories in a 45-minute class, one of the fastest ways on our list to lose all those calories!

46.Take the stairs: instead of taking the elevator, how about going up the stairs? In places where there are escalators you don’t have to stand still until you reach the top, use your legs!

47. Exercise at home: Aerobics DVDs can help you burn calories without leaving the house. On Youtube there are many free videos. Doing 20 minutes of yoga completes the 500-calorie burn.

48. Run: For those with stronger fitness, running ten kilometers burns more than 680 calories.

49. Walk: For the more sedentary, a walk or a light run still helps to decrease the balance hands. An hour and 15 minutes of walking burn just over 500 calories.

50. Set up and decorate the Christmas tree: to compensate for the year-end excesses, find (in your garage, under item 43) the decoration boxes, set up your own tree and arrange the decoration. Searching for the perfect tree can also take time, if you don’t have one at home.