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Norstrat purpose is to help its clients achieve a specific business objective or comply with a legal obligation to implement the elements of the Northern Canada Strategy. Lee Carson, who has secured more than $200 million in Canadian contracts, is the owner of this consulting firm. The company’s main area of ​​focus is large government funded infrastructure projects.

Brief history of the Norstrat company

Norstrat is a company with strong Canadian roots. At first they had a single office there and were just a small agency, but the business has since expanded and reached the United States. With close ties to the government and military, it has grown into a leading strategy consulting firm. It wasn’t long before Norstrat became a fully integrated communications consultant providing cutting-edge digital strategy, public relations and social media marketing services to businesses and brands around the world. The company is now growing rapidly and is looking to expand internationally.

What is Norstrat? What types of services does Norstrat provide?

This company offers a wide range of consulting and communication services. The firm has retained numerous strategic consulting industry professionals to assist its clients in all aspects of brand building. They help develop and implement customer acquisition and retention strategies, as well as launch a product. In addition, the consultants have extensive experience working in the public sector, particularly in government relations, lobbying, political strategy and campaign planning/management. Norstrat can help you whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation looking for a reliable business advisory service. The firm’s professionals have extensive experience and understanding in many areas, including infrastructure and social structure systems. Account planning and development services

1. Advertising agencies offer services that include analytical tools for market research. You will receive, for illustration, the NPD Group Brand Metrics Software Platform.

2. One of the pillars of a successful company is the ability to compare marketing initiatives with sales performance. The impact on commercial metrics will be clear to all interested parties. 3. Norstrat helps formulate an original plan of attack. Norstrat’s distinctive Creative Briefing Center is a key component of its innovation strategy. Simply put, customers can create and edit their messages before sending them to key Norstrat partners. Financial consulting and services
Providing world-class financial advice and services, Norstrat is a consulting firm that has helped well-known clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, the Government of Canada and the National Bank of Canada.

Depending on the client’s needs, they can also offer creative solutions thanks to their knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical and financial services companies. When it comes to finances and applying for government programs, the firm’s many skilled advisors will help you in every way.

Advertising agency services
You have access to the tools to carry out marketing analysis thanks to the NPD organization’s Brand Metrics software, which we have told you about. These tools can help you measure customer reaction to your ads and identify areas for improvement.

Clients are free to use these resources and apply for a grant from Norstrat Inc., which has partnered with numerous non-profit organizations. What changes can Norstrat make in your company?

There are several ways Norstrat Consulting can help your business. They provide many options and approaches that can help you manage a variety of businesses. Norstrat has you covered if you just need a solid plan or advice on public relations or government relations. Norstrat customers
What is Norstrat?

As noted above, Norstrat partners with public and private sector clients to support Canada’s Northern Strategy. Here are some examples of companies Norstrat works with, which can help you decide whether or not you need their services.
Ultra electronic marine systems
Saab Technologies Canada
Raytheon Canada Support Services
Northrop Gruman
MacDonald Dettwiler
L-3 Ocean systems
Can I work with Norstrat?
Digital marketing, public relations, food and beverage public relations, and social media optimization are the bread and butter of the Norstrat organization, so if you have a business that needs these services, you should definitely consider doing business with They. Norstrat offers a wide range of services, including market research, brand strategy, identity design, strategic communication planning and digital consulting.

It should also be mentioned that this business is related to Hill & Knowlton Strategies. Due to customers’ access to H&K’s extensive global network, this is crucial. A total of 400 public relations experts are also at your disposal. In addition, Norstrat and H&K Strategies work closely on client engagements by combining Norstrat’s experience in digital marketing with H&K’s extensive conventional PR experience, which is a winning formula for a thriving company.

As a result, they offer services such as developing digital communication strategies for PR campaigns, with a particular focus on the food and beverage industries. Norstrat offers additional training
Norstrat offers a variety of training courses, seminars and workshops, as well as advice for personal growth. Partnership and Leadership is one of the better known programs. Participants can get acquainted with the field of strategy consulting during this nine-month program, which is quite challenging.

Participants will acquire the skills to make informed decisions and to make wise business choices. Additional training programs offered by Norstrat include some of the following.

1. leadership development program
2. Business Coaching Programs
3. Professional development workshops.
4. Executive Coaching Program

Everyone wants their business to be as profitable as possible and to set specific and achievable goals. Norstrat is a company that can help you achieve these goals and get you closer to your goals.

Many other companies in Canada and the United States have grown thanks to the skills of their employees and the latest technological tools. Do not hesitate to become your client if you think you are the ideal person to help you create your strategy and improve communication. Doing so will help you move your business forward.