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It’s understandable to want to unwind with a drink at the end of a long day. However, although this game has nothing wrong, it is easy to forget the liquid calories you are sipping on.

According to Nemours Children’s Health, a calorie is a unit of energy that comes from food and drink. So if you’re tracking calories in your diet, you may want to consider lower-calorie alcoholic beverages.

Coffee Bean Low Calorie Drinks

If you enjoy drinking coffee, you’ve probably gone to Coffee Bean. The chain offers plenty of delicious coffee drinks that range in flavor, sweetness, and nutritional content.

For the best low calorie drinks from Coffee Bean, read this article from our Lower Calorie Foods team.

Low-Calorie Dutch drinks

If you have a passion for coffee, you are probably no stranger to Dutch Bros. They sell delicious coffee that is available in locations across the United States.

The Lower Calorie Foods team has put together a list of the Best Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks for lovers of the coffee chain.

The Swiss Miss instant hot chocolate mix you loved as a kid is surprisingly (somewhat) low calorie with a rich taste. We’ve written up the best Swiss Miss Low Calorie Hot Chocolate for you at Lower Calorie Foods!

On to more natural options! Pineapple juice, a delicious sweet juice with real kick to it, has several health benefits wrapped up in a low calorie package. Here’s the info on Low Calorie Pineapple Juice.

Gatorade – Another Low Calorie Option

While Gatorade is one of the biggest sports drink brands, its nutritional profile is controversial. In the realm of sports drinks and other juice-based drinks, Gatorade Low Calorie is actually just a normal bottle of Gatorade. The original and most popular formula used for Gatorade is actually fairly low calorie for a sweet drink.